Past Productions Gallery

Take a look at some of our recent and most popular shows. From Hi De Hi to a Journey through the looking glass with Alice. Get a feel for what we’re all about with our gallery below.

Our Previous Shows and Performances

Magic Floor Productions have been proud to present some of the most popular theatre shows in Thetford. Featuring local actors, dancers, comedians, and artists, we’ve put-on shows for all tastes.  You can take a look at some of our recent performances, below, or if you’re interested in something more current you can see what’s coming up.

Oliver A New Musical – September 2023

Oliver – A New Musical

Story by Charles Dickens & music by David Lewington

Oliver Twist was our first production as Magic Floor, so it only seemed fitting that it should be our first musical too! Combining the classic tale by Charles Dickens and rock music of composer David Lewington we brought this brand new musical to life in September 2023.

This production was extra special for us as it was the first collaboration of our adult company and theatre school, Magic Floor Academy


Promotional photo of the cast of Bouncers all pouting

Vikings of East Anglia – June 2023

Promotional photo of the cast of Bouncers all pouting

Vikings of East Anglia by Magic Floor Productions

Vikings of East Anglia is an original play by us at Magic Floor Productions about the Vikings that travelled through Thetford and The Brecks. 

This play is narrated by two Vikings, Odger and Ulf who tell the stories of some of the biggest characters of the Viking era. Those characters include King Edmund, Sweyn Forkbeard and King Cnut.

Bouncers – September 2022

Bouncers by John Godber

Lucky Eric, Judd, Les and Ralph are the original men in black as they tell the tale of one night in a Northern disco in the 80’s in this outrageous parody of Saturday Night Fever! All the gang are out on the town, the boys, the girls, the cheesy DJ, the late night kebab man and the taxi home, all under the watchful eyes of the Bouncers. One of The National Theatre’s ‘Plays of the Century’! Magic floor productions loved taking everyone back to the 80’s with nostalgia, comedy and the morning after the night before.

Promotional photo of the cast of Bouncers all pouting

Holmes & Kable – September 2021

Abraham Karmen and Henry Kable senior about to be hanged on Thetford Marketplace

Holmes and Kable

The unlikely love story of two petty criminals both tried in Thetford Assizes court, who met in Norwich Castle jail and were sent to Australia as part of the ‘first fleeters’. Susannah Holmes and Henry Kable, the Romeo and Juliet of this local story were both 19 when they were sentenced to transportation. After starting a family in prison, they faced many hurdles in their life together, helped overcome by local hero John Simpson (turnkey at Norwich Castle jail) among others.

This story means a lot to us here at Magic Floor as we have continued to research the Norfolk couple and those around them.

Alice in Wonderland – August 2021

Alice In Wonderland

The classic tale by Lewis Carrol, brought to life in this emersive experience. Guided by Alice herself, walk straight into Wonderland and meet all the characters you know, from the grinning Cheshire Cat to the maddest Mad Hatter. Our script was taken straight from the book written by Carrol, and as a result the story is a little, for want of a better word, mad!

The full cast of Alice in Wonderland in King's Gardens Thetford

Hi De Hi – July 2021

Cast of Hi De Hi on stage at The Carnegie Rooms Thetford

Hi De Hi

Hi de hi campers! Set in the fictional holiday camp ‘Maplins’, located in an also fictional seaside town Crimpton-on-Sea in Essex. Following the appointment of the incredibly unqualified Professor Jeffrey Fairbrother as camp entertainment manager after he decides to leave the academic world behind. 

A Christmas Carol – December 2020

A Christmas Carol

Our second classic tale by Charles Dickens following our performance of Oliver in the summer. This well-known story follows Ebenezer Scrooge, a cruel, cold-hearted businessman who gets an opportunity to change his ways. Visited by 4 spirits, he is shown how his life and the lives of those around him will end-up should he continue to live solely for financial gain.

The Ghost of Christmas Present showing Scrooge the Cratchit family Christmas dinner

 Oliver Twist – August 2020

The Artful Dodger grinning, Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist

Our first production was Oliver Twist, the classic tale by Charles Dickens. We at Magic Floor, took over King’s Gardens in Thetford and transformed it into the London streets where this story is set. Following Oliver, an orphan boy’s start to life, from the workhouse to working as an apprentice to him being taken in by Fagen, a common criminal, and his gang.